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Questions and Answers / Q&A for DSL and Highspeed Connections

When you have a phone line with Bell Canada you avoid a fee per month when signing up for highspeed service with an independent provider. 

If you do not have a home phone line can use primarly cellular phones then you will paying an additional monthly fee that ranges from $8.00/Month and up.  If you are in an urban or suburban  area they are normally from $8-12/Month.

Monthly Rates:

Dry-Loop Fees:

Rate Band A 8.00

Rate Band B 10.00

Rate Band C 11.00

Rate Band D 12.00

Rate Band E 18.00

Rate Band F 22.00 Special rate requires a very small town (rare) Rate Band G 31.00 Special rate requires a very small town (rare)

Dry-Loop DSL or Naked DSL / Naked-DSL is when you do not have a phone line provided from a telephone company such as Bell/TELUS/Allstream.  If you have phone from Rogers or Cogeco then these rates apply:

Setup Fees One-Time:

End-User: 19.99 Install Fee

Monthly Rates:

Dry-Loop Fees:

Rate Band A 8.00

Rate Band B 10.00

Rate Band C 11.00

Rate Band D 12.00 Rate Band E 18.00

Rate Band F 22.00 Special rate requires a very small town (rare)

Rate Band G 31.00 Special rate requires a very small town (rare)


Dial-Up Errorr 691?

For dial-up you need to be logging as travel/ and your password.

Highspeed Errorr 691?

For your highspeed you to be logging as and your password.

A Dynamic IP address is a non-permanent IP address which is automatically assigned to a client by a DHCP server. This IP is issued to the client and has an expiration date. A Static IP address is a fixed IP address which is non-dynamic or changing. Meaning your IP address and host name are stored in DNS and stay the same every time you connect.

In some cases an issue with connection speed can be a result of a distance issue. What this means is that your residence is far away from the DSLAM (Bell box) which is the local hub in which your connection travels through. Distance is measured by distance the data has to travel through the copper to the DSLAM so sometimes even if your residence is physically close to the box you can still have distance issues due to the route the copper takes to reach the DSLAM. Often times Fibre to the Node or FTTN service can be used to solve distance issues.

At Travel-Net we answer your questions for hosting and email normally on a custom basis but if there are general questions you need answered you can find them here.

Depending on the mail program, when you are on connection outside of network via another provider you need to change some settings in your email client.

The basic settings for our outbound smtp mail servers on other providers are as follows:

SMTP (Outgoing mail) SMTP (Outgoing mail) Alternate Port for Rogers/Others who block port 25, Port: 2525

Depending on the mail program the mail progam this needs to be changed.  For instance Outlook this setting is under Tool -> Email Accounts -> Settings depending on what version have you installed.

Do you do not want to pay for highspeed and all you do is dialup/dialup internet? Check out our dialup rates:

*** Have you rebooted.  Sometimes the modem is locked up an requires a power reset for it which means you need to reset your computer first.

1. The first thing to check is if you have a voicemails on your telephone line that gives the fast paced signal on the line.  This will cause an errir when dialing up.

2. Is the phone-line plugged into the line jack or the line symbol on the modem?  Do not plug the modem into the telephone jack as this will not work.

3. Are you dialing outside the local exchange 613 if so please change your change your number based your area:

Dial-Up Numbers

Dial-Up Support

If you have a question about dialup internet or support we can help.  We have been there since the start, ask for Corey 613-744-3000 our modem specialist.

Yes you can! If you bring in you computer to Travel-Net we can better understand your needs.  You are dealing with a team who was there at that start and understand your needs as individual not a number.  Please call us at 613-744-3000, we can provide.


We provide custom solutions for your needs please check out our hosting solutions.

When you have new domain with Travel-Net your username is your email address with the password you chose or provided.  The administrator can change this at or you can phone us at 613-744-3000.  We require someone authorized on the account to make changes to an email address when you phone.

Yes we support all databases.  For access this requires an email being sent to to provide the access details.  We provide custom solutions to accomadate whomever is your developer despite running a strict security policy.

We provide support for setting up email on various tables such as the IPad/Nexus and Surface.

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Here you can find information on how we handle payments for accounts and collections on overdue accounts.

When signing up for residential highspeed we do require a valid credit card or a void cheque for monthly payment which comes out on the first of every month.  If these options are not available we do require the highspeed to be purchased and 2 months in advance for other forms of payment on a new sign-up.

Payments can made online through any major bank, we can be found under the payee list as TRAVEL-NET COMMUNICATIONS.  When asked for an account number, this is your username that was used upon sign-up.

To make a payment through PayPal, then can be sent through there site to

We do provide support for Apple products, should you have any issues.

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