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Realm Networks

Realm Networks is a software development company located in Ottawa, Canada. Realm develops products for the Internet Appliance Server market. Many enterprise customers have been using the REALM1000 to access and use the Internet securely and reliably. The REALM1000 has been specifically designed with the help of its customers to provide Internet connectivity and services for small businesses worldwide that require a high speed 'always-on' connection to the Internet. REALM1000 has the features, value, price and low-support requirements necessary to succeed.

Keeping the many pieces of general-purpose servers running smoothly can seem like an onerous task for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), who often cannot afford the cost of equipment & the skilled Information Technology (IT) professionals required to maintain them. Now however, with the entry of multifunction network appliances, SMBs and other organizations can now enjoy the power and benefits of these devices.

The Realm1000 was designed from the outset to, not only replace but to, .raise the bar. on efficiency over the many pieces of hardware and software required to place businesses on the Internet safely. The Realm1000 does this through an easy to use but sophisticated interface that when combined with the proper hardware creates a single-box solution to the Internet problems faced by many businesses and schools. From the beginning the Realm1000 designers knew that their product had to be reliable, robust and capable of supporting the e-mail needs of at least a thousand users while still being easy to manage. In the end, the Realm1000 provides a rich set of Internet functions to its users and administrators. Its e-mail facilities are powerful, reliable and simple to manage. Web browsing is fast, efficient and can be closely monitored. The firewall provides excellent security for even the most sensitive of networks. Monitoring reports provide the administrator with a detailed analysis of various system activities.

Realm Network has an extensive knowledge of today’s ever changing world of technology in the telecommunication industry. It is in our greatest interest that we provide you with the best suited business VoIP services for your businesses specific needs. Some of our clients have enjoyed savings of up to 80% over their existing telephony provider’s charges.

We supply “Out-of-the-box” network solutions that provide performance and security as a single comprehensive network system, ready to go. Working with businesses of any size, our pre-built hardware and pre-installed software supports any type of internet connection, including cable, DSL and any form of dedicated access. Hardware and software comes pre-assembled, pre-installed and configured to best meet the needs of your organization.

In order for us to determine the requirements for your organization’s new VoIP PBX system, we will need to analyze the features and functionality that work best for your particular business situation.

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VOIP Phones / PBX

Snom 710

VoIP SIP 715 Telephone, Gig-E, PoE...

Sales price: $137.99

Product details

SNOM 760

VoIP SIP 760 Phone, Gigabit, Colour...

Sales price: $315.99

Product details

SNOM Meeting Point

VoIP SIP OmniSound Wideband Conference...

Sales price: $993.95

Product details


VoIP SIP DECT M9r Wireless color...

Sales price: $124.99

Product details

SNOM M9R (w/Base Station)

VoIP SIP DECT M9r Base Station with 1...

Sales price: $262.99

Product details

Vega 50 (4 FXS + 2 FXO)

Gold support Package Included with...

Sales price: $505.99

Product details

Vega 50 (8 FXS + 2 FXO)

Gold support Package Included with...

Sales price: $869.99

Product details

Vega 50 4FXO

Gold support Package Included with...

Sales price: $573.99

Product details

Vega 50 8 FXO

Gold support Package Included with...

Sales price: $936.99

Product details

Video Confrence phone Business Class Model:T49GP

IP Video Phone (PoE required, AC...

Sales price: $1,116.00

Product details

VoIP SIP DECT W52P Base with 1 Wireless Handset, PoE+AC

Energy Saving Model has the capacity to...

Sales price: $261.99

Product details