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Do you have highspeed at your cottage? No. 

Do you just recieve email? Yes. 

Check for access numbers local to you (Click Here)

Travel-Net can provide dial-up service to give you the access you need for your family and friends at affordeable rates while maintaining your ever important email address so your family can contact you.  We were there at the start of it all and still maintain and fully support our dial-up connections when many others have cancelled the service outright.  We have people on staff who answer the phone and have dealt with every dial-up from from Windows 3.1/98/XP onwards and know all the ins and outs of modems to help with every situation.  Our expertise in this field makes us unique in the greater Ottawa market for our personalized service and support for all levels of computers no matter what there age is.

Monthly Service:

10 Hours $5.95 per month $.15 / hour

50 Hours $9.95 per month $.10 / hour

100 Hours $14.95 per month $0.05 / hour

Block Hours:

30 Hours $24.95 or 1 Year

75 Hours $39.95 or 1 Year

130 Hours $54.95 or 2 Years

300 Hours  $99.95 or 2 Years

All Packages Includes:

50 MB Personal Web Page Space

1 Email Address