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Travel-Net's High Speed DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service allows you transform your current dial-up connection into a reliable high speed service. DSL is a high speed service that runs over your telephone line, but its advanced technology allows you to also use your telephone while connected to the Internet. With fast, reliable speed you can now send and receive large emails, download music and participate in online gaming like never before!

Business DSL is a cost-effective way to deliver high-speed Internet to your business. Even though the service is delivered through a phone line, you can still place and receive calls while online. These various packages are suitable for small to medium sized companies using the Internet to research information and email.

Travel-Net has several popular Dial-up packages to serve your residential, small office or corporate needs. Whether you require local or roaming access we have your dial-up needs in mind. Customized dial-up packages can also be designed for specific needs.