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The ability to protect your server equipment, and critical systems at a secure remote location (colocation) has often been considered beyond the reach of small to medium sized organizations.

Travel-Net Communications Inc. colocation Services are specifically designed to provide  organizations whether small or large with low cost, high quality security, reliability, and speed. Smaller organizations now have the ability to insure that their critical information services are protected and available to their clients at all times by proactively defending their information assets against most forms of disaster.

Service Speed Bandwidth Static IP Space Price
 COLO 1 100Mbit 150GB 1 1U-4U or Tower $  99.95
 COLO 2 100Mbit 250GB 5 1U-4U or Tower $ 139.95
 COLO 3 100Mbit 500GB 14 1U-4U or Tower $ 199.95
 COLO 4 100Mbit 1000GB 14 1U-4U or Tower $ 299.95
 RACK 1 100Mbit 10 Mbit Unmetered 16 1/4 Rack $ 450.00
 RACK 2 100Mbit 25 Mbit Unmetered 32 1/2 Rack $ 800.00
 RACK 3 100Mbit 100 Mbit Unmetered 64 Full Rack $1250.00







All colocations include UPS backup and traffic reports through our custom customer portal through members. 

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Should you need a custom quote please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone us at 613-744-3000.